Acumatica ERP 5.3 Beta: Mobile App New Features

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Acumatica’s ERP Mobile App is being updated in version 5.3 and this will add smartphone functionality for sales, purchasing and warehouse operations.

The app’s new features means it can be used throughout your business as a mobile crm app, mobile sales app and a mobile warehouse and distribution app.

Mobile CRM

Acumatica ERP Mobile App - ContactsAcumatica ERP Mobile App - Contact DetailContacts from customers and prospects are now available.

The strong search tool will locate the contact name. You can add new contacts and attach a picture from the phone. All communication records with the contact can be viewed within the app.

Once the contact is selected the full details are provided. Notes can be added, appointments and tasks can be created.

Acumatica ERP Mobile App - TasksAcumatica ERP Mobile App - CasesTasks are available through the app. The salesperson can create follow up tasks for the sales support team for things like brochures, further contact information and queries.

Cases are also available on the app. Cases are particularly useful for after sales service and customer support. They have priority settings and are monitored.


Mobile Quotes and orders

Acumatica ERP Mobile App - Sales OrdersAcumatica ERP Mobile App - Sales OrdersSalespeople can easily create quotes and orders in the mobile app.

The + button allows you to create a new order or quotation.

The order is opened by selection. Actions provide for the quote to be printed and sent to the contact by email.


Mobile Warehouse and Distribution

Acumatica ERP Mobile App - Distribution and WarehouseAcumatica ERP Mobile App - Distribution and WarehouseMake use of existing smart phones in the business by using them in your warehouse. Warehouse and distribution staff can use the mobile app for the picking and receiving of goods.

Purchase Receipts are all listed within the ERP mobile app.

On selection of a receipt document the details are provided. The user will enter the actual goods received, their put away location and even print labels.

The mobile app for picking and packing works in a similar way. These offer low cost modern technology solutions for the smaller warehouse.


Mobile Purchase Requisitions and Approvals

Acumatica ERP Mobile App - Purchase RequisitionsAcumatica ERP Mobile App - Purchase RequisitionsStaff can use the ERP mobile app to create purchase requisitions and purchase orders. You can authorise users to select from your entire product list, limit requests to specific items, or require users to enter descriptions.

Using workflow Acumatica sends this to the appropriate user. Once a requisition order has been approved, Acumatica automatically creates a purchase order that can be tracked. From there you can created a Sales Order to send to the client.


A Complete ERP Mobile App

Not only can you get all of this out of the box functionality from one small app, but there is also the opportunity to customise – you can expose additional screens by editing the mobile site map configuration file. You can choose which fields are available and which are hidden etc. Acumatica still preserves the security settings setup in the main site, so if a user doesn’t have access to ‘edit customer name’, this will be visible but greyed out in the mobile app.

Great news for those who already use the app, but also for those who want to utilise the existing smartphones their staff already have. The Acumatica ERP Mobile App enables you and your team to do more in less time, increasing efficiency and involvement in business processes. You can even leverage the unique capabilities of your mobile device such as the camera or fingerprint reader.

What’s more, the ERP mobile app is available at no cost to Acumatica customers. For further information about Acumatica and how you can utilise the use of smart phones and devices in your business please contact us.

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