Why Tascoli?

Why Tascoli?…

… you can choose any number of companies to help you install and maintain your accounting system, so why choose us?

We understand…

  • The importance of a smooth implementation. 
  • That your staff may already be under pressure to cope with the existing system and that they fear the disruption that a new system will bring.
  • That your staff may have nodded in agreement to all the features and processes in the new system, but they are not clear about the impact on their day to day activities.
  • That there may be a number of behind the scenes  processes that your staff have to follow that may not be evident to a systems consultant.
  • That training is more than “show and tell” it places a responsibility on the trainer to make sure that the user is proficient with the new system.
  • That your staff may not have the time to put in long hours to clean up old data.
  • That there are two essential factors of a successful system change; the staff are happy and there is a tangible benefit for the executives.

James Morgan Tascoli

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At Tascoli, whatever the system we implement, we go out of our way to ensure that all processes are covered, that staff understand and like the new system, that the implementation does not have unrealistic expectations of the staff and that there is an immediate tangible benefit for the management.