Smartsheet Integration

Smartsheet is a modern SaaS visual project scheduling tool for tasks and resources that’s integrated with Acumatica Project Accounting to make any project professional’s job easier. Field supervisors and project managers can use Smartsheet to reschedule tasks and resources quickly and easily. Schedule changes are sent back to Acumatica to update Project Accounting. Users who perform back-office business processes such as project costing, purchasing, and expense processing can do so in Acumatica.

  • Create a project in Acumatica and send to Smartsheet with project name, tasks and start/end dates
  • Each Acumatica project can be linked to a Smartsheet template so you can integrate with Gannt charts and a host of other visualisations
  • Visually schedule project tasks by dragging and dropping, add additional tasks, change dates, create dependencies and assign resources
  • Acumatica employees are automatically added as Smartsheet users/resources, so project managers can assign them to Smartsheet tasks
  • Sync any new tasks, updated dates and percent completed between the systems

The Smartsheet > Acumatica ERP integration is demonstrated in the video below;

To discuss integrating Acumatica ERP and Smartsheet please contact us via our online form or call our office on +44 (0) 844 445 7204.