Planning an Implementation

How Do You Go About Planning a Successful Implementation?

We have listed our top tips below;

Time frames; A typical implementation can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months depending on it's complexities. At Tascoli we like to break down implementations into key phases. This way we get you up and running in the quickest time possible whilst still ensuring your users are able to keep up with training and new features.

Data Migration; This can be a complex progress, we keep it as simple as we can by providing an online planning sheet detailing what information is required, what date it is required by and who will be providing it. This makes sure that everybody is clear about what is happening and if there are going to be any delays they can be easily identified.

Integrations; Do you already have in place integral customised systems that you don't want to replace? Acumatica has an open API so we can develop integrations into your systems, there are also many existing integrations with popular software.

Replacing Existing Systems; Acumatica has the functionality  to replace many of your existing systems. For example; CRM, Expenses, Timesheets, Approvals etc. Some of these will be essential to your business and you'll want to include them in phase 1, others you may wish to move into phase 2 or 3.

Personnel; - It's important to appoint a project manager. This could be from existing staff or you may decided to hire someone temporarily for the job. It's also important to be aware of the additional workload that might be placed on existing staff. Are they able to provide data for the implementation on top of their existing job? Do you need more staff? Do you need less staff? All crucial questions to consider.

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