Acumatica CRM

Acumatica Cloud ERP UKThe Acumatica Cloud ERP Customer Management Suite delivers a customer relationship management (CRM) solution which automates your sales processes so you can respond faster to customers and partners or allow them to self-serve on-demand. Workflow and security allow you customize approvals to match your sales process while managing permissions for each screen object and customer account.


Sales Automation
Sales tools increase sales efficiency and close rates, while reducing
sales cycles. Improved information flow gives sales teams awareness of
all activities influencing their customers. Lead assignment and workflow
help manage and improve the efficiency of sales processes.


Marketing Automation
Marketing tools manage leads, improve conversions, measure
campaign performance, communicate with contacts, and improve
productivity. Reports link campaigns to profitability.


Service & Support Automation
The Service Management tools within Acumatica Cloud ERP‘s CRM module, reduce response times and support costs, improve customer satisfaction, and accurately bill transactions. Assign and escalate support cases according to workflow policies. Bill cases according to client support contracts.


Analytics & Forecasting
A complete set of reporting tools improve forecasting and information flow, and reduce deviation from targets. Customise reports and dashboards to provide real-time performance indicators.


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