Acumatica Security & Data Control

Acumatica provides a complete set of security features including access controls, data encryption, and server based processing.

Acumatica Cloud ERP is designed to satisfy the security requirements of banks, healthcare, and government organisations

What This Means for You

Meet the strongest security requirements
All business logic and data processing is performed on a server which is located in a secure location of your choice. Data is stored in an encrypted format in the database, and all communication over the network is encrypted. Since data is not stored on the client, you can instantly remove access for any user.

Deploy according to your security needs
Acumatica provides the option to deploy on-premise or in a datacentre that you select so you can meet your physical security requirements. If your security requirements change, then you can change where your application is deployed.

SaaS infrastructure security
Acumatica offers a SaaS solution on Windows Azure which operates in the Microsoft Global Foundation Services infrastructure. This infrastructure is ISO27001 certified and includes rigorous data handling procedures. Most importantly, Acumatica gives you the flexibility to switch your deployment as your security requirements change.

Comprehensive auditing
Role-based access controls allow you to involve temporary workers, investors, and external contractors (auditors, accountants, customer service personnel, tax preparers, etc.). System administrators receive complete system audit reports which include login information, IP address information, and all system changes made by any individual.