Webscreens – Sage 300c

Sage 300c – The same powerful Sage 300 ERP now available with an html web interface and accessible on any device.

Sage Summit 2015, the annual meeting of Sage business partners, developers and enthusiasts, ran in New Orleans over the summer and from it we have some exciting news to bring you. Sage have been working on a web version of Sage 300 ERP for a while and yesterday at the Sage Summit 2015 they officially launched the product as Sage 300c. The ‘c’ stands for ‘connected’, ‘collaborative’ and ‘customer focused’.

Due to be released in late 2015, Sage 300c will include Web User Interfaces (UIs or screens) for General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank, Tax, Common Services and Administrative Services screens. These new screens are truly web based and will run on any device with a browser, there are no plug ins required.

This is excellent news to the sleeping giant of Sage 300 ERP, beautiful screens will make a huge different to the experience of all our clients, not just those wanting to run Sage 300 on a tablet.

What does it look like?

The familiar Sage 300 ERP screens have been re-imagined to fit into a modern web environment.

You can chose from 12 KPIs to include in your home page and all familiar elements are there including, finders, import, export and printing via Crystal Reports. Some thought has definitely been put into these new web interfaces,  we think they are much cleaner and the controls are more spread out making them easier to use on a tablet.

Sage 300 ERP - Accpac New version

The new screens look great on a tablet, but are not quite mobile ready. Although you can use them on a mobile, the screens are still quite large so you need to do a lot of scrolling. We are told this will come in the next couple of updates.

Sage 300c entry form


Lots of clients have been asking about their existing customised screens. In this initial release there won’t be any customised web UIs. The good news is that you don’t have to run these straight away, in fact you can run a mix of your original screens and the web screens if this suits you.

The Future

Sage have stated that they have plans for frequent release updates. We are definitely hoping that they follow up with these as it will quickly add further value to what is already a powerful ERP system.

All in all we are extremely happy to see that Sage are continuing to develop for Sage 300 ERP.

View our blog ‘Sage 300c – Preview the Screens‘ for a look at what screens will be available upon it’s release.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.