Sage 300 Distribution

Sage 300 Distribution

Get a complete view of your distribution operations with Sage 300 ERP to enhance business productivity and take advantage of best practices for supply chain efficiency, order accuracy, and operational improvement.

Sage 300 has a selection of modules for Warehouse and Distribution functions. Tascoli also specialise in the integration with 3rd Party Warehouses (3PL) and external Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).


Order Entry

It’s impossible to deliver a top-notch customer experience without the ability to enter new orders quickly and accurately. Sage 300 ERP provides powerful order entry and order management capabilities to help your company expedite order processing and boost profitability. Stay on top of your customer accounts, inventory levels, and purchase histories in real time, anytime. Your team will increase accuracy and pursue up-sell and cross-sell opportunities that improve the lifetime value of customers.

  • Look up customer pricing based on customer contract price, item base price, or discounted or marked-up sales prices.
  • Include multiple orders on a single shipment and multiple shipments on a single invoice.
  • Use multiple payment schedules and other payment terms defined in Accounts Receivable.
  • Review sales history by customer or inventory item during order and invoice entry.
  • Assign sales proportionally to multiple salespeople and track commissions with up to five rates.
  • Use Ops Inquiry to generate reports from operational data in your Order Entry, Purchase Order, and Inventory Control modules.


Sage 300 Order Entry Overview
Sage 300 Order Entry Overview


Inventory Control

Get a complete multi location inventory management system that helps you maintain accurate stock levels and process inventory receipts, shipments, returns, and adjustments. Easily track your inventory as it moves through your enterprise utilising configurable options to manage the most complex processes. Sage 300 Inventory Control includes extensive on-screen inquiry and reporting functions to give you the detailed, current information so you can take charge of your inventory to reduce carrying costs and fulfil orders on time, every time.

  • Handle fractional quantities and maintain different units of measure for purchasing, selling, and stock-keeping.
  • Use categories to classify stock and allocate costs to departments or cost centres.
  • Assign as many as nine vendors per item with automatic update of the last purchase.
  • Combine any number of items into a single kit and then sell the kit through Order Entry.
  • Manage unique costing and pricing configurations to allocate costs and create price lists.
  • Get inventory analysis reports for efficient management of your product lines.
  • Specify different item bin numbers for each inventory location.
  • Easily track serial and lot numbers, including expiration dates


Sage 300 Inventory Control Overview
Sage 300 Inventory Control Overview


Purchase Order

Automate your processes to maximise your purchasing power. Purchase Order fully integrates with Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, and Order Entry to create an effective purchasing system that both maximises savings and enhances your relationship with key suppliers. Stay on top of vendor discounts and special contracts. Sage 300 allows you to keep track of vendor performance to get the top quality products from responsive suppliers at the best prices and terms.

  • Take advantage of early payment discounts, negotiate better terms, and more easily manage cash flow.
  • Automatically update active, standing, future, and blanket purchase orders.
  • Choose from seven costing methods, including Most Recent Cost, Standard Cost, Average Cost, Vendor Cost, and Last Unit Cost.
  • Automatically produce purchase orders from Inventory Control reorder information or from Order Entry orders.
  • Restrict access to Purchase Orders windows, costs, and quantities on invoices, and credit note adjustments.


Sage 300 Purchase Order Overview
Sage 300 Purchase Order Overview


Return Material Authorisation (RMA)

The Return Material Authorisation module in Sage 300 ERP optimises your return processes, so you can learn what causes customers to return products and build customer loyalty. When you track the entire sales process, you can gain intelligence that leads to lower costs on return and repairs. Track your products through the entire life of the sales process from purchase order through shipping and back. Gain greater insight into the reasons for returns, process claims faster, track inventory more accurately, and optimise customer service performance.

  • Quickly identify product faults and take corrective action to eliminate repeat returns.
  • Avoid losing control of repair revenues.
  • Automatically assign RMA numbers for easy tracking.
  • Create a sales order in Order Entry to replace returned goods.