Hotel Investor Apps

Hotel Intelligence and Accounting for Software for hotel investors and management groups.

Introducing Hotel Investor Apps – the pinnacle of software innovation tailored specifically for financial directors navigating the complexities of hotel investment management. Our cutting-edge platform redefines the landscape, offering a seamless integration of tools and analytics to empower users with unparalleled control and insight. From meticulous financial analysis to real-time performance monitoring, Hotel Investor Apps provides a dynamic solution for optimising returns and driving success across diverse hotel portfolios.

Key Benefits;

  • One single platform for all your hotel accounting and back office needs
  • Modern ERP technology to help take back your time
  • Real-time data and reports for swift decision making
  • The best daily report in the industry - more flexibility, more formulas, and more insight
  • Dashboards with key information available at a glance
  • Workflows & automations to digitise & streamline processes
  • Full mobile app: review P&Ls, revise budgets, approve AP, and more
  • Real-time cash availability with live bank balances and transaction imports
  • Supports global portfolios with multi-currency and multi-language

View a quick overview of Hotel Investor Apps below;

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