IMAN Integrations

Integrations using IMAN

IMAN provides a single point for all integration “jobs” and it does the connection to Sage 50 (UK),  Sage 200, Sage 300 and Sage X3.  Within the IMAN software you specify the job, the source of the data, the mapping of fields and any process and transformation that needs to take place before the writing of the data.  IMAN has a scheduler and it sends out email notifications to advise of successes and failures.

Every client of ours has at least one integration with another system. The point of the integration is to transfer data between two systems quickly and without requiring user time. These integrations have become so successful in processing such large volumes that our clients can run large businesses with a minimum number of clerical staff.

IMAN is also very good value.  There are many integration applications on the market, although none as complete are IMAN, which are charged by transaction volume.  At first the price looks low but multiplied by 10,000 order lines per year then it becomes expensive.  IMAN is a piece of software and you can use it for as many integrations as you like.  The cost is fixed and comparatively low.

We are specialists in writing and managing IMAN jobs.  IMAN was developed by one of our former senior consultants and we were the first company to replace all of our client integrations with IMAN.

While integrations are seamless and automated they do need some monitoring.  We also provide a service to our clients where we monitor all job email reports and when there is an unsuccessful submission we investigate, fix and resubmit and confirm with the client.

If you have numerous integrations into your Sage system then contact us to see how IMAN could make your processing much more efficient.

To give you an idea of where it can be used here are some of the jobs that we have carried out;

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IMAN is a great application for streamlining integrations and internal processes.  There are integrations for time sheets, projects, budget changes and more.  We would be happy to help you find out how IMAN can make your business more efficient wherever you are in the world.