10 Reasons Not to Chose Acumatica Cloud ERP

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  1. You like the VPN – RDP access from home to your Company’s client server system.  The ability not to change the screen size, not to copy and paste, not to be able to open multiple sessions and especially not to close a session when you finish work ; things that make your day job that much more enriching. You like the frequent calls to the IT support desk about no access.
  2. You like the idea of paying for a new licence every time you want someone new to use the system.
  3. You prefer to have your key software provided by different suppliers.  ERP from one company, CRM from another, Expense claims from yet another, online sales from another, approval systems from another…
  4. You like the fact that your ERP supplier sells two or more different ERP systems so that their R&D budget is spread thinly between them, slowing the pace of improvement of all of them.
  5. You like the idea of cloud especially where you have no option of running the system from a server of your choice meaning that if the cloud infrastructure or anything along the connection goes down then you and your staff can have some time off.
  6. You don’t like the choice of cloud or on premise.
  7. You like the high costs of customisation.
  8. You do not want to entertain any ideas of being able to do customisations yourself even within a controlled environment.
  9. You do not like it when the new feature released happen twice a year.  It is much better when the system stands still and it does not embrace new technology.
  10. You do not like the idea of an ERP system that comes with separate mobile applications. Using a mobile app to see key information, to approve transactions, to make expense claims and any other fantatstical concept is just silly.
  11. You like a system that has restrictions in segmented reporting where an account code a department and a region represents a fun challenge for segmented reporting across six or seven different elements of your business.
  12. You like a system that is not easy to import data into for any and all aspects of the business.  Lockdown is good.
  13. You like to post transactions and other tasks.  Having the ability to automatically  schedule processes to run unattended is too risky.
  14. You like to find things out on your own.  Running daily exception reports is important.  System based notifications to an email or mobile app sounds too complicated.

Okay, that’s 14 not 10, but I could go on!

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