What is ERP and Why Does it Matter?

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So what is ERP and why does it matter?

Short for ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’, ERP represents a computerised system that helps organisations to track information across all departments and business areas.

This can go from something as basic as accounting and human resources all the way through to to sales, project management, expenses and beyond!



At Tascoli, we like to think of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Cloud ERP as the tools that help small and medium businesses unlock their business potential. Acumatica’s suite of excellent business software is written specifically with that goal in mind.

The term ‘ERP’ initially gained recognition in the U.S. in the 1990’s and was the result of a growing number of companies that required integration outside of their usual manufacturing applications. It was this need to share data from their manufacturing software with, their financial accounting, crm, supply chain or other applications that has led to the invention of ERP as we know it.

In essence ERP software was introduced in order to offer businesses a wider system that integrated each of these highly sought-after applications.

We believe that business management such as Acumatica Cloud ERP and Sage 300 (formerly Sage accpac) systems benefit customers by providing excellent opportunities for scalability whilst reducing both hardware and personnel costs. There are some real benefits to refining your businesses processes and by utilising Cloud ERP systems, using them in an efficient manner can be the difference between profitability and stagnation.

Another added bonus to using the software as a service (SaaS) model is that customers who want to acquire cloud ERP will not have to manage hardware, software or upgrades. 


Still have questions? Contact Us and one of our friendly Cloud ERP consultants will be able to offer you advice and guide you through all the necessary steps to move your business into the cloud.




Tascoli are dedicated to bring you the latest information about ERP and how it can benefit your business. We implement, integrate and offer on going support to Acumatica ERP UK, Sage 300 UK and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions UK (now discontinued).

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