Unravelling The Mystery of the Cloud (Part 3)

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Continuing in our ‘Unravelling the Mystery of the Cloud’ series this week we take a look at some expert advice for anyone considering moving their accounting to a cloud based system.

Last week we covered ‘how cloud based technology can benefit your business in relation to your accounting system’ . This week we have brought together some of the most commonly asked questions that we face from clients looking to move their Accounting or ERP systems to the cloud…

Will It Deliver The Performance I Need?
The Acumatica Cloud uses the latest technology and infrastructure to drive blazing-fast performance. Acumatica is purpose-built to handle thousands of transactions an hour with incredible speed and minimal hardware. Whether you are handling a small volume or thousands of transactions, Acumatica’s patent pending technology delivers the performance you need.

Will It Scale?
As your business grows, the Acumatica Cloud grows with it. With the option to upgrade resources and run multiple application servers simultaneously, you can keep up with the demands of your business.

Is It Secure?
The Acumatica Cloud meets the highest levels of physical and software security. Unlike many web-based applications, with Acumatica you are in full control of where your data is kept and processed, and over who has access to maintain and use your system. All data is stored separately for each customer. Acumatica uses the same encryption technology used by banks to ensure no-one can access sensitive data.

What Is The System Availability?
The Acumatica Cloud is designed to keep you up and running at all times, and we back this promise with guaranteed uptime SLAs.

What if I Lose My Data? How Can I Recover It?
The implications of losing your business data can be catastrophic. The Acumatica Cloud’s database snapshot feature enables point-in-time recovery of your database instance. By performing regular snapshots, you can rest assured knowing your data can be restored at any time.

Is My Data Backed Up and Easy to Access?
The Acumatica Cloud comes with a built-in automated backup feature with a seven-day retention period. Our backup access service allows you to download your data at any time and store it in a location of your choice.

Can I Minimise Upfront Cost?
Save on upfront investments and use your capital to grow your business. There’s no hardware or upfront software costs when you deploy through the Acumatica Cloud.

Will I Save On IT?
With no additional IT staff required to manage your Acumatica solution, you can put those extra IT dollars back in your budget.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions about whether cloud based accounting is right for your business then we would love to hear from you. Our team of friendly consultants are always on hand to provide expert advice to businesses looking to take their accounting technology and business systems to the next level.



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