Dashboards , Drivers and mud

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  1. 1.      The panel facing the driver of a vehicle or the pilot of an aircraft, containing instruments and controls.
  2. 2.      A board of wood or leather in front of a carriage, to keep out mud.

How rally drivers, pilots and carriage drivers would smirk at the colourful charts that now go by the name of “dashboards”!

Well we think that they might just like ours!

We have just released the second version of our own dashboard with the prototype for the third on its way and we have very much kept the driver and the pilot in mind.

Our dashboards run in a web browser on the client server.  The pages carry your branding and you control who has access to the site and the individual sections.

We are providing a set of standard graphics and will continue to add to these. They will cover the financials, receivables, payables, inventory, sales and ordering, project management and even CRM.

Our aim is to provide the graphics which the accounting system doesn’t.

Not only do you have a graphical view of the information but there is drill down too.  Click on any segment of the graphic and you will see a list of the data that makes up the value.

Of course every business is different so we expect clients to request modifications or request their own specific graphics.

Just like our early adaptor client Learning Resources who needed to manage the performance of their logistics provider.  They needed to see how quickly orders were despatched.

There are many brilliant things about these graphics which should really excite managers and executives.  The graphics are refreshed all the time providing up to date information.

One further thing that will excite the CFO is the low cost.  They make Business Intelligence extremely affordable and very simple.

But the thing that will delight the drivers and the pilots in business is the addition of our collaboration pane.  Typically any measure or graph requires some action, good or bad, something is always communicated. We call it “Group Action”.

It’s like a social network for business teams.

For example our outstanding order dashboard is showing that there is over £40k tied up in orders that  need to be picked.  Assume that for this business it’s a big problem and something needs to be done about it.

Click on the icons that create a snapshot of the graphic, start a new action, give it a status and invite your team.

They will be notified and before long the necessary actions are taken and they are all noted on your dashboard.

We predict that more communication within a business will take place in these action forums than in your email inbox.

If you want to stay out of the mud then get these dashboards fitted to your business!

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