Acumatica – The Versatile One

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The other day I heard a representative of another cloud ERP saying that his ERP is known as “going the extra mile”.

If I have to give a strap line to Acumatica then it is this…

“The Versatile One”

Here is a great example of why.

Our UK client is using the PO approval feature within Acumatica but they have come up with a practical problem. It’s a problem that hinders most PO approval systems that I have seen.  It is the problem of rejection. Not in a personal sense of course, but more specifically it is where the PO is rejected because the account classification or specific financial details are found to be wrong after approval but just before posting.

In most approval systems a problem like this means that the PO is rejected, it is then corrected and then resubmitted through the approval process. The trouble is that some of the senior executives in the process are approving the spend amount and the item only and are not specifically concerned or aware of the accounting treatment. So resubmission of PO’s with no change in amount and nature are confusing and can become a little irritating for the executive approver.

With Acumatica one of our clever consultants was able to add a field, a process, and some restrictions, using the standard Acumatica customisation features, so that once a PO was approved and an accounting error was subsequently found before posting then on correction it would simply be routed to the accounts supervisor to approve the correction, thereby bypassing the busy executive.

In fact this can be further extended to allow for a number of different reasons for rejection which can all result in separate approval paths.

Now that is versatile don’t you think ?

Acumatica – the versatile one.

James Morgan, CEO.

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