At current there is no facility with in Sage 300 for any type of approval. For most medium sized companies approvals are essential requirements and they take place outside of the system. Without system approval processes the entering of purchase invoices are often delayed or inaccurate. Without approval processes there is no trace of expense approval. Without approval processes there is often no check to the budget.

There are two applications designed for approving transactions – both of these applications have a web based interface for those users that are not in the office.

The first  provides approvals for purchase requisitions. Staff create a purchase requisition, this then gets routed to the department head. The purchase requisition can then be checked against available budgets. From here the department head can approve the purchase requisition and this is then converted into a purchase order.

Requsition Approvals

The second provides approvals for supplier invoices. This is typically used in companies where they do not use purchase orders, but still require approvals before the invoices are paid. The invoices are simply entered or scanned and the workflow will then route the transaction to the correct person(s) for approval. This significantly reduces the risk of invoices getting lost or misplaced, and eliminates the need for paper invoices to be handled across multiple workplace sites. Workflows are tailored to suit your organisation and multiple approval flows can be configured, for example different routings by account type, department or invoice value.


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