What App Would You Like?

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What app would you like?

Yes, this may soon be the question you are asked at an internal IT meeting in the near future. What app would you like, think of one.

Mobile apps are the trend in technology at the moment. A friend of mine is developing an app that will diagnose your health based on a few balance tests. All done on your smartphone.  Once assessed there are a series of exercises and then more assessments. Terrific if you are getting to that stage in life when balance is a little shaky.  On the young end of the scale, our Emma has been trialling a gruelling keep fit app which has meant showing up at 7:00am at a studio in Tottenham Court Road for an hour of training. By all accounts it works.

What would be the perfect working app for you in your job? Something that is quick, something that has intelligence and something that saves time.  Our Acumatica system already has an app for timesheet entry, expense claim entry, order entry and even approval handling but it also has a developer kit for you to build your own apps.  An app for approvals and authorisations is a big win.  Imagine being able to approve invoices, purchase orders, credit limits and expense claims while you are out of the office without the hassle of having to connect your laptop. You can respond quickly and the rest of the business will be all the better for it.

What else ?  What is the “uberfication “ of the office system that will make the difference for you ?

Mobile apps lend themselves to both data entry and data retrieval. Booking a flight on an app is a common occurrence but the banks have produced apps that get data from the system. Think of how easy it is to look at your account balance and then view the transactions. Would this sort of app be good for you or your customers ?  The ability to look up an account and then scroll through the invoices.  Mobile apps are also able to provide business intelligence.  Not only can you see the latest business statistics but you can get key information by typing in a simple question.  “Sales in the South East for Bill Wright”. No, you would not type this.  You would say “Siri, what are the sales in the North East for this year for Bill Wright”!

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