Reports Corner: Acumatica 2019 R1 New Features

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• Highlighting rows and columns in generic inquiries • Total aggregate function •

In Acumatica Cloud ERP the functionality and features of generic inquiries and dashboards are continually improved, modified and enhanced through ongoing software updates and enhancements.

In this post of ‘Reports Corner’ our reporting expert, Sue MacKeown, shows the latest updates from release 2019 R1:

1. Highlighting rows and columns in generic inquiries

The highlighting feature in generic inquiries is useful in identifying those records showing anomalies, incremental highlighting of balances or identifying records where the data matches certain conditions.

In this example, the rows are highlighted according to the status of the case (New – green, Open – blue and Pending Customer – purple). This enables to user to identify certain data immediately;


In the example below, two columns have been highlighted in two different ways. The ‘Unit Profit’ column has a different font colour while the ‘Transaction Profit’ column has a different background colour.

The highlighting features available on generic inquiries makes reading the grid of information a lot easier and provides a clear visible picture of the data.

2. Total aggregate function

The ‘sum’ function for a column in a generic inquiry will display the total of the values within that column. Where there are parameters, the total value amount will relate to only those shown for the selected parameter, (i.e. in the example shown here, the total value of sales relate only to the selected time interval and salesperson).

The ‘count’ function will count the number of unique values within a column. In the example shown, there are 6 records, however the count value is 3. This indicates that 3 types of inventory items have been sold by the salesperson.

The total amount is shown on every page of the inquiry; therefore it is not necessary for the user to scroll to the last record to find the sum amount or count value.


The goal of these updates and enhancements is to provide increasingly efficient and flexible ways in which information can be accessed and presented, all of which are applicable to individual businesses, functions and roles. If there is something you would like to see as a new feature in Acumatica please contact me and we will be sure to put your feature request forward.

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