Acumatica – Latest Release Features (5.1)

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Here at Tascoli we have had a sneak peek at the latest release of Acumatica Cloud ERP. We’re delighted to be able to inform you of the latest features that will be added to Acumatica in their upcoming release (5.1).

Version 5.1 will include several new features that hope to build on the previous release aimed at making your life easier and improving your company processes.


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Latest Updates to Include:

Changes to Deferred Revenue
Several improvements have been made in the Deferred Revenue module to comply with US accounting practices. The new change addresses the revenue recognition of mixing tangible products (like a computer) with non-tangible products (such as software).

Can now invoice time without CRM
The Time & Expenses module has been updated to allow billing for time of employee activities through a contract even when CRM feature is disabled. The billable time of employee activities is associated with non-stock items that are not included in the contract, this will be presented on the invoice as a separate line.

Prepayments on Sales Orders
This massively helps users with web order integrations whereby payments are taken through the website itself (i.e. ecommerce websites)

Sales Order Approval
Many businesses have workflows for reviewing and approving sales orders and in most cases approval is required for credit sales. With Acumatica, in addition to a credit check, which is performed automatically on saving new sales orders, specific sales orders can be automatically assigned to employees authorised to perform approvals.

Then finally, OData!
OData is a more streamlined version of Acumatica data which means that applications can understand it easier and do more with it meaning it requires less intervention from the IT department to convert the data into a format that is usable by an accountant. The ‘Expose via OData’ check-box enables OData access for an inquiry. The system will dynamically update the OData catalogue with your inquiry. The list of inquiries exposed by using OData can then be accessed right from the browser by appending the Acumatica URL. Neat eh?

Interested in trying out some of these great new features for yourself?

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