Acumatica 6 is Coming: How the Outlook Add-In Will Increase Productivity and Enable True Mobility

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Here at Acumatica, we are constantly looking to innovate. We’re driven by the desire to improve efficiency, and make your work day easier and more informed. We strongly believe our product should be both pragmatic and easy-to-use.

Everyone knows Acumatica is a full service suite, bringing together every aspect of your business from finance, to sales and marketing, shipping and receiving, and service management. We can service every area of your company. But what if we could make Acumatica even easier to use and at the same time make your work life simpler and more productive? These, among other guiding principles, are what have driven the upcoming launch of Acumatica 6 and the Acumatica CRM Outlook Add-In.

A recent Reuters report revealed that the U.S. worker spends an average of 6.3 hours checking email every single day. Do the math on that and it’s easy to calculate that only 1.7 hours is left each work day for other activities outside of email. Crazy, right?

This is where the new Acumatica CRM Outlook Add-In comes in. We want to empower your business to be more agile, efficient, and to dramatically increase the productivity of each individual in your organization. We will help you implement a company wide productivity measure that will increase your bottom line and give you more time.

Say you get an email from a potential customer. They’ve just watched a webinar featuring your product. They loved it, but have a question about a particular part. Typically, the first thing you’d do is look up the customer in your CRM. Have you interacted with them before? How much do they know about what you do? Have you been working with them for months? You probably don’t want to send introductory information if they’ve been a customer for a long time, for instance. . . that’d be embarrassing,

With the new Outlook Add-in, you can look up the sender in your CRM database, right in Outlook, without having to leave the application at all. In fact, the add-in does it automatically. Now you can see any history that you’ve had with this particular sender. If the system can’t find your contact in CRM, you can mark it as a lead, opportunity, or create them as a contact.

The add-in works with any data that’s part of your CRM. You deal with customer contacts all the time. Imagine immediately knowing they’re already in your system, you simply click to create an opportunity, and the appropriate team can then follow up? With Acumatica 6 and the Outlook Add-in, you can do this all without even leaving your email inbox. Say goodbye to copy and paste.

Leveraging our strategic relationship with Microsoft, we’re thrilled to bring Acumatica CRM Add-In to Outlook. A truly agile and mobile solution that will work on any platform and any device, this Add-in has the potential to free up even more of your time, allowing you to focus your attention where it’s truly needed.

The new Acumatica Outlook Add-in is all about efficiency. It’s all about saving you the time and hassle of constantly switching applications, constantly copying/pasting, and constantly searching your CRM.

It’s about freeing you up to do more of what you do best and moving the needle for your business.

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