Acumatica 2018 R2 – James Morgan Discusses what he believes makes this a great release!

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What is so great about the October release of Acumatica 2018 R2?

By James Morgan, Tascoli CEO.


GDPR compliance. Yes its all there! Broken down into three sections you have; 

  1. Track the consent of individuals to the use of personal data.
  2. Restrictions on the processing of personal data
  3. Controlled removal of personal data according to the retention policy
  4. Audit trail which reports on all changes to personal data.

These features apply to customers, suppliers, prospects, contracts, leads and employees.


Central Control of financial periods across groups of companies

Lots of time can be spent opening and closing the fiscal periods of modules for different companies in a group.  This is a great benefit in that everything is in one place for the financial controller to manage.


Pop-up notes

Very useful despite the bags of data we keep for customers, items etc there is still the need for the old fashioned “Sticky note”.

These are available for customers, suppliers and stock items.  It is part of the note feature.  Once the note has been saved then whenever you use that customer code on an invoice, receipt, report, wherever the not pops up on the screen.

Great for reminding other users about important information whenever the system is used.  For example. “Customer has changed address, please make sure all old orders have the new address which is …”.


Automatic calculation of carriage charges on invoices for goods

This is a great feature and it encompasses situations where there are part shipments for one order.  As most clients have found that Acumatica reduces time by automating processes, this is a useful feature which ensures that the correct charge is made.


Enter a supplier’s invoice before the receipt of the goods has been entered

Occasionally this happens, particularly when the supplier needs payment before the goods arrive.


New Landed costs transaction

This makes the processing of landed costs such as duty and freight so much easier.  Essentially it is just a supplier’s invoice but with linking to one or many receipt lines to which the costs will be applied.


Project quotes

This is a fabulous feature as you can now create a project quote, have it approved and then when the quote is accepted, it creates the project.

Project quotes can even be created directly from a CRM opportunity.  This is a must have feature for agencies that regularly create quotes which once accepted by the client need to be quickly converted into an project.


Notifications on the mobile app

Most of us are used to notifications on our mobile from Whatsapp, news feeds and others.  Now you can create notifications in Acumatica that are pushed to the mobiles of certain users.

Most of the time the mobile app is only used for expense claim processing but with all the added functionality now available, we think users will start doing more on mobiles and notifications is likely to be the big push.


Pivot table filter

This sounds confusing but it’s a great feature.

You know how Acumatica enables you to create your own lists of data on the screen, and you know that from that list you can create a pivot table and from that table you can extract totals ?

For example I want a list of sales that shows customer, product, dates and values.  Then I want to pivot this table so that I can see the total sales by customer and by brand.  That’s fine but it displays all the customers.  I want to select just once customer, I am not bothered about the rest.  This is where the Pivot table filter comes in.  You can create your own list of filter options.

Below is an example of a number of lists and graphs which are all automatically filtered by the customer selection;


Generic Enquiry list – side panel.  Oh boy this is very cool! 

We use lists everywhere. Lists of orders, lists of accounts etc.  Now you can add a side panel which shows related detail based on the line you click on in the list and the full information appears in the side panel.  Without having to leave the list.

Here I wanted to see the customer account for each order.  You can have more than one side panel.  They display like vertical tabs;


Other technical stuff

There are a number of technical changes to the system and the mobile application.  I wont go into the detail as I don’t fully understand them all but there is a full list of modifications which we can supply should you need it.

All in all it’s another great release and all the more special because one or two of these new features are things that we requested.

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