Acumatica Entrepreneur

Acumatica Entrepreneur UK

Acumatica for Small and Medium Sized Product & Distribution companies

Acumatica Entrepreneur provides you with the key functionality of Acumatica ERP priced for smaller businesses. We understand that many small and medium sized businesses have complex requirements for multiple warehouses, multiple bin locations, lot and serial tracking and most small systems don’t have this functionality. Acumatica Entrepreneur enables you to use complex functionality for a small number of users, and when you’re ready to upgrade to the full system there’s no costly system migration to go through, we simply move you up to the full version.

What Can Acumatica Entrepreneur Offer You?

  • Ultimate Cloud ERP for smaller businesses – with heaps of functionality at a reasonable price, it is a great entry ERP and it’s easy to upgrade to the full system as your business grows.

  • Fully Hosted – we take away your software and IT worries by hosting the software for you – we even ensure extra back ups to a secure external server.

  • Includes CRM – no need for costly integrations Acumatica Entreprenuer includes the built in customer management suite as standard.

  • Multiple warehouses – manage multiple warehouses with location specific quantities, allocations, and costs. Specific access rights for each warehouse to determine who can access information and enter transactions and simple warehouse transfers.

  • Bin Locations – create a physical and logical warehouse structure using inventory bins and location controls. For each warehouse location, you can specify the types of items and transactions that are allowed, the picking priority, and the cost of the items

  • Lot and Serial number tracking – track stock by lot or serial number. Lot and serial numbers can be assigned or entered manually when you receive, issue, or assemble inventory items. Serial numbers can be linked with item specific valuation methods to account for the cost of inventory per lot/serial number.

  • Inventory Sub Items – assign sub-categories so you can track inventory characteristics such as size, colour, and style. Associate separate quantity information with each subitem. View reports with detailed segment information and totals.

  • Incredibly easy to use – Acumatica Entrepreneur has it’s screens split into tabs, so you depending on what you need to do, you know whether to head to the work, process or reports area.

  • Re-sizable screens for tablet and mobile – having been built on the web you can access your system from any device with a browser and the screens will resize to fit. No pesky scrolling.

  • Many additional features for complex businesses – just because your business is new or classed as small, doesn’t mean you don’t have complex requirements!

  • Ideal for previous users of QuickBooks Enterprise and Sage Line 50 – many of our users have moved from QuickBooks and Sage products, it’s a great step up for functionality, but not cost.


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